Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Great Thanksgiving Post

I'd wanted to go out shopping today, but instead I'm sitting home drinking Hubby's 18-year-old whiskey in an attempt to finally kick this cold out on its ass for good.

Yesterday we had our home inspection (Yay!), and that went reasonably well, after which we went over to our friends' house for a mini Harry Potter marathon since I stopped paying attention at "the one with the spiders" and I'd like to see how it all ends at some point. It was super late by the time we got home and I never got a chance to put up the Thanksgiving pictures, apart from the cake. That was really just for a goof, but it wound up being really delicious anyway.

So, on to the food! Hubster and I just decided to stay home and relax this year, just the two of us. We're thinking about trying to breed next year, so this might really be our last chance to chill at home on a holiday by ourselves. I really wanted to use this opportunity to have an entirely cruelty-free Thanksgiving, but I didn't want him to feel disappointed without having turkey. I asked him many many times if he really didn't mind not having it, and each and every time he said he really liked Tofurky and didn't mind at all.

In addition to the Tofurky with gravy and dumplings, we had a holiday Field Roast (Hazelnut Cranberry, yum!) that tasted kind of like pork but was super delish. 

 Look at this gorgeous plate that couldn't even contain everything we made! We also had corn and crescent rolls, which weren't quite done cooking yet when we took the picture. In the top picture, clockwise from the top: Hazelnut roast, dumplings, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing (in the middle), cranberry sauce, greens with garlic and vegan bacon bits, some more cranberry sauce for good measure, and the Tofurky roast.

We made a chocolate pudding pie earlier in the day, and the plan had been to make an apple pie after we had finished digesting, but we were so damn full we decided we really didn't need it. Here's the pudding pie after it was just poured in and before it cooled and set. It's crazy delicious with some ricemallow creme dolloped on top. It turns into basically s'mores pie because of the graham cracker crust!

The kitties were all up in our business the entire time we were cooking.

Any time a cabinet was opened, in they went. Jack in particular is notorious for this.

There was one mini-emergency, not pictured, though I wish I had managed to snap a picture. The freshly-made cranberry sauce was cooling on the counter with a paper towel over top. I was on the phone with the family in Florida. Hubby stepped out to pick up the carton of soy milk we'd forgotten at the store the day before. At some point I turn around and notice the paper towel is all pushed into the cranberry sauce, and there are splatter marks all over the counter and the kitchen floor. I notice this just as Hubby steps back in, and I hang up the phone and ask him to go find the cat, who is probably tracking cranberry paw prints all over our white apartment carpet. Sure enough, I hear a "Bring wet paper towels into the bathroom," and when I get in there I see Hubster holding up by the scruff a very unhappy Jack-with-totally-red-left-paw. He must've poked the paper towel and freaked out when he got wet. We got him cleaned up without bloody incident, which was nice for a change.

That was our T-Day :)


  1. Wow, that food looks awesome! My bulldog found his way into some cranberry sauce too and stained his little nose red! haha. :)

  2. One of my feline babies has been known ot step in my cupcakes. Looks fantastic.
    I did a shout out for your cool blog on my blog today.

  3. OMG, that looked amazing! Steve and I had an almost vegan lentil-potato curry (just a little butter) for our thanksgiving. Not too traditional but very yummy. I love the hovering kitties. Happy holidays!